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Learn languages together with HW!


Dear Friend !

Thank you for choosing learning Italian together with Hello Wordl!

Our program opens vast opportunities to learn languages with very high efficiency and productivity.

To start learn the Italian you just need to launch German-Italian Language file. Each PC platform is compatible with this program.  And Here it is ! You get the most popular words, word combinations, idioms and phrases – total about 3500 lexical units in Italian with German translations. Words appear in your display at special estimated frequency that allows to accumulate your attention to the switching word. It sends subliminal message about this word from your short term memory (or “subconscious glance memory”) to your long term memory. After several repeating of one word your conscience will find it familiar, new words are consolidated in your long term memory, afterwards you can easily retrieve it and use on right context of your conversation.  Hello World! Approach is based on main seven brain rules, and the rule ‘Curve of Ebingause is also implemented here.  To read more about

Download for free trial version of program. In which you can explore the program almost unlimited possibilities and learn random 20 lexical units of Italian with its German equivalents. In full paid version you will be able to learn the 3500 most popular lexical units of  Italian with its German translations and create your own vocabulary, i.e. add your own words, delete basis words, set priorities for words and many other additional options. Hello World! opens great opportunity if your working field requires highly tailored lexicon knowledge - as German-Italian law vocabulary, German-Italian Engineering vocabulary, German-Italian building vocabulary, German-Italian building vocabulary, German-Italian medical vocabulary, German-Italian business vocabulary or any other. In this case you create your own dedicated vocabulary and learn words you need.


The program could work in two modes – passive and active.

In passive mode you work all the time you are behind computer, you don’t strive for learning words – you just watch movie, play games and meanwhile you brain is learning words subconsciously instead of you J . But it will take some more time to memorize words if you’re learning only in passive mode. The best combination of study Italian language is the mixed mode – all time whatever you do behind computer you learn words passively and about 20 minutes per day turn on the active mode. In active mode you are to pronounce correct word after you see German equivalent of it and then check yourself with following Italian translations.

According to our statistical observations using mixed mode will allow you to learn our basis lexicon of 3.500 units during 1.5 months.


Easy start!

Our friendly program interface allows you easily to set it according to your preferences.

First of all you set working area with CTRL + A . This area you fixed is where text appears;

Choose active or passive mode – if it’s active mode, world in German appears first and then Italian one comes, if passive the words will come other way around.

Text font, size, color is personal settings. You can also switch on (preferably)/off transparency, increase / decrease words switching frequency. Set all shown priorities or switch it off, this option is available only in full paid version.

You can always edit vocabulary that include synonyms, antonyms, words and its translation, create your own or adjust current one, this option is available only in full paid version.

May you enjoy your study of Italian language together with Hello Wordl! During all time you spend behind PC !




БЕЗКОШТОВНО ЗАВАНТАЖИТИ пробну версію «Вивчаємо фразеологізми з Хелло Ворлд!» ТУТ. Зауважте, розмір словника в пробній версії обмежується 20 випадково обраними ідіомами, також в безкоштовній версії недоступна функція додавання власних слів та відслідковування показників кількості показів та рівня статистики запам’ятовування.